Nature Makes Scents was launched in 2007 by Canadian entrepreneur, Inez Kelly. Inez has 18 years experience in private practice offering Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Holistic Nutrition Consulting.

Her commitment to assist people in their personal healing journey is the inspiration behind the unique blends now being offered by Nature Makes Scents.

Nature Makes Scents In the News

2010: Seminars at Akasha's Den
November 2009: Pax Protection
March 2008: Launch at Akasha's Den

Sacred Blending for the Soul

Essential Oils have been used in spiritual practices and ritual for over 2000 years. Their scent, energetic vibration and healing qualities were used by masters, sages and healers to deepen their experience and oneness with the Divine.

Today, more than ever, light workers and healers have been using Essential Oils (EO's) to help clear energetic blocks, balance chakra's, enhance meditation and amplify mental and spiritual intention.

One of the most important healing modalities of EO's is their ability to lift our frequencies to higher levels. (Rose oil holds the highest vibrational frequency.)

Join Inez of Nature Makes Scents for a special evening creating custom blends to:

  • Enhance personal spiritual intentions
  • Aid grounding and focus
  • Deepen meditative experience
  • Support healer/client relationship
  • Assist angel/archangel connection

Date: TBA
Duration: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Cost: $80.00 (includes your custom blend)
Nature Makes Scents will provide Essential Oils, carrier oil and all blending material.